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October In Retreat

The winds chill leaving remnants
of September’s sour breath lingering.
In the hollow, the animate search
for the place to settle, to join in their
sedentary brethren’s hibernate states.
Rivers and streams convey their coolness,
a restless meander through valley
and hill. The trees are still holding
the foliage foisted upon them, barely
releasing the palette presented.
The sound of October’s afternoon
sings like an anthem; a stoic hymn
to nature’s wonderment. But, there
is a resentment in the fading of the light
as night comes earlier and the days
are an endless play, friendless in a way
that lonely hearts can attest. At best
October is more appreciated in decline.
A case of mind over decayed matter.
Through the clearing there is hope.
But it seems months removed.


Humidity Falls

It is in the air, can you feel it?
It is frizzing up your hair,
can you deal with it?
The skies full of marbled clouds
and rumbles loud enough to
rattle Glasgow. Winds, gay gales
of ravenous breath devours,
all in its wake. And so it begins.
Misty, clouds of vapor intensify.
Drops enlarge and magnify.
Winds whip and wreak havoc,
your umbrella has inverted.
And these monstrous drops of precipitation
have forced closed the Edinburgh station.
Rain, rain everywhere,
Dear Lord this weather stinks.