Monthly Archives: September, 2011


Fabled and legendary,
nary a blighter who’ve claimed
to have seen you, means you any harm.
There is a beauty and a charm
behind your myth. Boggy waters
upon the lough host your presence
you are the essence of grace imagined.
If your truly are, you are by far mysterious.
We are delirious with your fever, Lough Ness deceiver.


Salvatore Buttaci’s Introduction to PUN-KU

Author, poet and congenial gentleman of words, Salvatore Buttaci has originated a poetic form called PUN-KU. Found at SAL’S PLACE and featured at Marie Elena Good’s POETIC BLOOMINGS.

Blown Pipes

I start the reel
but I sound off key.
Kilted buffoon
quite out of tune!

Homeward Lassie

Bright eyes, warm coat;
been missing for days.
Oh, by golly,
where’s that collie?

Pied Piper

So, Scotch whiskey
is my poison.
Music’s a drag,
half in the bag.