Pennies and Pence (Posted elsewhere as “Nickles and Dimes”)

A tyke in the candy shop,
one stop to nirvana.
Pockets and purses of pennies and pence
displaced by gums and toffees,
jellies and chocolate.
Rainy day savings of the lads
and wee bonnie lassies,
porcelain pigs gutted
left starved save for the
sweet confections savored.
But at days end, the sour stomach
retches and fetches those treats
and sends them replete to the basin.
Pennies and Pence flushing the drain!

~ I had posted this piece on the Poetic Asides site as “Nickles and Dimes”. It appears to be a majorly North American influence (my time spent in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, not withstanding). The pennies and pence refer to my years of youth between Glasgow-Edinburgh.



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