Wearing the Veil

Big boys don’t,
we were reminded.
Never mind that emotions flowed,
it was verboten to allow
the saline to wash across
ruddy cheeks, young man!
But, situations dictated,
they predicated the boiling
of combustible tears.
In later years, we became handbound
never letting the flow
of that emotion show.
Yes, situations dictate;
the loss of a mate can trigger
tears that were bigger than
our youth remembers. The birth
of your progeny; joyful and blessed,
offers the best tear, the Prince of Wails
requests the presence of some Kleenex.
We are all members of this humanity.
Let your vanity fall to the wayside.
For after that fall, goes your pride.
Do not venture to hide away your feelings.
Wear the veil when need call for it.
Your masculinity will not take the fall for it.
Mister Jester’s misty emoting; tears of a clown.



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